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2017 Annual Operation SOS Dinner for Veterans

The annual dinner honoring veterans was hosted by Operation SOS (Support our Service- people) on Sunday, November 12, and included music and the assembling of packages for American servicemen. DJ Dave Ducas, a faithful supporter of our troops and veterans, spun the discs with music dating back from WWII era to the present. Packing of boxes to be sent to deployed servicemen and women in time for Thanksgiving was held after dinner.
All veterans and members of the military and one guest received a free dinner as a gesture of gratitude for their service to America. There was no charge for children under 10-years old and no charge for widows or widowers of veterans. A nominal donation was requested from other adults.
The dinner will be held at the Frank Greco Senior Center and the fare consisted of baked ziti and more.
To read the article that appeared in the Kingston Freeman, click here
To view the album from the dinner (taken from the photos included with the article appearing in the
Kingston Freeman), click here

Note: To view pages of the album, either drag or double-click righthand page corners or use the right arrow on your computer to advance to the next succeeding page (there will be no righthand corners on the last page of each scrapbook).
[SOS is a community based organization from Saugerties, New York whose purpose is to show servicemen and women deployed to combat theaters, and their families, that individual citizens at home care about their well-being and support their efforts to defend our freedom and liberties.  We accomplish this through outreach with sending of morale packages and communications as well as fostering public support and recognition, to help ease the burden of separation from friends and families, the stress of duty in combat, and to show the world that we stand united in our support for those engaged in the Global War on Terrorism.]

My Letter-to-the-Editor Re: Pete Matera

Dear Editor,
This election season affords the voters of Ulster County the opportunity to choose a judge for Ulster County Surrogate Court. I unequivocally recommend Peter Matera for that position.
I am a licensed clinical social worker and served as a forensic mental heath consultant to the court system. It was in that capacity that I had the opportunity to observe Mr. Matera’s work as an assistant district attorney over a period of several years and witnessed his fairness, honesty and proficiency.
In 2003 Operation SOS was formed. SOS, a 100% volunteer organization, has sent thousands of care packages to deployed American servicemen and women and provides support for friends and family members. When I informed Mr. Matera that Operation SOS was in need of legal assistance to move to a not for profit status, Mr Matera eagerly volunteered his services and saw it through to completion refusing any payment for his services. In addition, he has made himself available for any assistance SOS may need and continues to do so without compensation. His service has aided Operation SOS in its ability to help both deployed members of the military and veterans as well.
I testify that Mr. Matera is a person of reason, thoughtfulness, and the highest integrity. I highly recommend him as the choice for Ulster County Surrogate Court Judge.

Gaetana Ciarlante

SOS Annual Dinner for Veterans

Sunday November 8 SOS will be holding it's annual event to honor all military veterans. The event will include a meal of lasagna al forno and more. All veterans and one guest are invited at no charge. For more information: contact Gaetana Ciarlante at 246-3390 or Fran Heinlein at 246-5414.

Just a Matter of Great Importance

Over the past 4 years I have informed the public about serious issues concerning Saugerties.

In this penultimate letter to the Saugerties Times I will not attempt to recap those issues but rather one that encompasses the greatest concern over the governing practices of the current Town Supervisor; one  which demonstrates that he has lost his moral compass and has lost any concern about the relationship between government and the governed:
Supervisor Helsmoortel continues to justify the practice of the Town Board passing resolutions without informing the public as long as all the other four town board members are in agreement to do so. During 2015 the current Town Board passed over a half dozen resolutions including creating new positions, hiring for town positions and establishing new advisory boards without informing the public.

The colonists did not revolt against the tyranny of the British to replace it with tyranical behavior of local town boards. As Town Supervisor I will require that all agenda items (barring emergencies beyond human control) will be made available to the public on Fridays preceding Wednesday town board meeting. This will allow sufficient time for interested parties to plan to attend and if desired plan a response.

On November 3 send a message to the Saugerties Demo-publican Cartel and vote Conservative on Row C.

Gaetana Ciarlante,
Conservative Candidate Saugerties Town Supervisor

About Me

In 2011, I was asked to help my fellow Saugerties residents fight an affordable housing project. As a Saugerties native who cares about her town, I accepted and it was something to which I devoted myself entirely. In my graduate studies I learned community organizing, so it was not foreign to me. I had been an active member and organizer and, as part of the Hudson Valley Alliance, helped to fend off the nuclear power plant in Cementon and since then I have been active in other movements including repeal of the S.A.F.E. Act.

As a clinical social worker experienced in forensics, drug treatment and group and family therapy, I have learned that thinking outside of the box leads to effective solutions. I have always admired the gifts that others can bring in solving problems. We humans are less than perfect and I believe that it is not the role of government to mold the individual and oppose government taking a micromanaging approach to its constituents, from children to the elderly. I believe in applying equal treatment, equal taxes and denying special favors to big businesses and so-called affordable housing projects through tax breaks, and other special privileges. What follows is identification of problem areas, all of which this town board has engaged itself.

    Government controls and zoning are becoming increasingly mandated by the state and the town board behaves as enforcers of the state; while what is really needed is a governing body that will advocate against increased mandates and controls. Advisory boards are appointed and apply a crucial voice in deciding policy and what we are permitted to do on and with our property. Some boards are run or advised by people who are not Saugerties residents. Some are designing controls over the use of our personal gardens, rainfall, domestic animals and livestock and they are doing so at a time when food prices are soaring without regard for the impact on human survival. In Karl Marx’ terminology “the means of production” are being controlled for greater and continued government dependency. While the individuals on these boards are usually kind and want to help, they are often unaware of the bigger picture. It is the role of the Town Supervisor to see the big picture and the consequences.

    The town pays its grant writers handsomely by the hour. The town board must consider the real cost of grants on which our town government has become addicted as it thirsts for more money and power rather than becoming lean, trim and adaptable.

    Residents on the west side of the railroad tracks have been blocked from emergency vehicles during train-crossings for decades. Though only a few minutes, it can be a matter of life or death. There are several straightforward solutions but the problem seems to have been ignored while lights on the baseball fields have been given attention.

    Direct Communication and Advocacy: In 2012, I made an unplanned personal visit to the NY State Office of Housing and Community Renewal and subsequently received a prompt favorable response to my request, one for which we had received no response through more conventional means. This sort of advocacy and communication is lacking. Who advocates for the Saugerties residents?

    It is rare to see a county legislator present at town board meetings but communication needs to occur with this body once known as the Board of Supervisors. Recently the Ulster County Legislature banned restaurant use of Styrofoam containers. There was no discussion of this at our town level though the impact will reach into the pockets of all restaurant owners and be passed on to its customers. Our town businesses and taxpayers are experiencing death by a thousand cuts.

    Give Change a Chance: This year the Conservative Party provides the only choice for ousting the Demo-publican Cartel placed on the Saugerties voters in their attempt to keep the status quo. It is unclear and unfortunate how this came about but I have discussed this in previous letters.

    We know the best way to ascertain one’s intent is to follow the money. One must wonder who benefits from the continued fiscal recklessness which, coupled with lack of jobs, presents an extreme crisis for Saugerties residents. Surely the transfer of real property increases as homes are auctioned, foreclosed or sold as owners come to grips with the need to survive. It is those with substantial incomes such as some party bosses or politicians who can easily scoff them up paying only a fraction of their value. At this time 4 out of 5 of the town board members have made or make their money through the transfer of real estate. Follow the money and You be the judge.

    Rumor has it that Helsmoortel will soon retire to Maine and wants to help maintain "the old guard grip" on Saugerties. This is best accomplished by retiring before one’s term is complete and promoting a “chosen one” to incumbent status. This might explain the reason for the Demo-publican Cartel.
    Vote Row C: I am the Conservative candidate for town supervisor. As a party member, I live my life with conservative values and will bring them to the leadership of the Saugerties Town Board. Dan Ellsworth is the registered Conservative town council candidate. Remember, your voice and your vote will make an impact. Together we must make the difference that restores Saugerties.

    A Letter to the Editor

    Repeal the S.A.F.E. Act

    At the August Saugerties Town Board meeting I made a verbal request to the board to pass a resolution calling for the repeal of the New York State "S.A.F.E. act. Following the meeting it was suggested to me by a board member that getting a petition to bring forth to the town board would help in getting such a resolution passed.
    At the September 16th town board meeting I presented the suggested petition with over 100 signatures calling for repeal of the S.A.F.E. act and made a second verbal request along with other Second Amendment supporters. As with most requests made to the town board, the members remained mute.
    I am hoping their muteness will transform into action which is needed at a local level to show state officials that we have not forgotten about their  unconstitutional infringement on our Second Amendment rights. Such a resolution was taken by the Ulster County Legislature in June to show Albany that citizens care about their rights to protect themselves. In March 2013, GOP Town Board Candidate Bill Schirmer was a key proponent of passing a strong resolution calling for repeal of the S.A.F.E. act. At that time the proposed resolution did not pass. Now in his second year as a town board member we hope that Bill will bring forth that former  enthusiasm and respond affirmatively to for call for action and carry the resolution to a successful passage.

    Gaetana Ciarlante , Town Supervisor Candidate

    Conservative Party and Reform Party.

    Common Core: The Bitter Pill Prescribed by Someone Else's Doctor

    The Common Core Curriculum that fails to adequately serve nearly two thirds of children has been forced upon parents and teachers alike by appointees with absolutely zero accountability to the people whose future they are experimenting with.
    Make no mistake that Common Core is an experiment, the extension of a case study in cost management called uniformity. It's what allows the cost -cutting American businesses to pick up shop and transfer their operations to the lowest cost locale, It's what social engineers with aspirations for the next round of Great Society welfare programs salivate over when they scrub the tax numbers looking for money to divert to their peculiar social agendas. These planners are bent on crafting a fungible, one size fits all education, administered by technicians rather than teachers, in classrooms with "Ask Google" apps instead of books. Busting up teachers unions on the supply side, and strangling off enrollment by destroying parent satisfaction on the demand side are the two prongs in a war on American education currently being fought, with parents, teachers and students on the one side and un-elected bureaucrats on the other. Charter schools fit nicely into this model as a floodgate to pick up the slack from hamstrung public schools, but depending on the motivation and competence of the Charter sponsor, that options often falls short as well.
    The Reform Party of New York, originally conceived as the "Stop Common Core Party" by Rob Astorino, recognizes that the debacle of Common Core owes its roots to the insulation of decision makers and centralized planners from the collective superior wisdom that happens when you enable individual choice. With individual teacher’s judgment replaced by rules and regulations down to the finest detail including how many seconds a child should be given to do X, Y, or Z, the renounced mechanism called the free market withers and dies. All the highly vetted, glossy, statistics about education’s best practices cannot seem to account for the fact that the old way of doing things produced octogenarians who cans till balance their check books or, in more than a few cases figure out interest and principal on a loan using nothing but a pencil and the back of an envelope. The old ways produced brilliant minds ranging from Thomas J. Watson (founder of IBM) to James Watson (co-discoverer of DNA). The new way of doing things teaches kids to rely on "the system" instead of learning to rely on what they know (substantial things, that, incidentally, used to be taught as matters of fact in school). As for the subject of history, let's just say that the new way of teaching "process" over "substance" is the revisionists' dream when it comes to re-casting who were the good guys and who were the bad guys of our national history. Parents are told "Don’t worry that it doesn’t look like the math/ science/ history you know...when the answer comes out the other end , it will be right." Unfortunately the answer the kids are producing often is not right. Parents are told that its just a matter of time and fine tuning the curriculum machine, but children are not widgets, nor are they working prototypes of a hypothetical perfect "B" student who passes every subject, but excels at none with groundbreaking incite.
    The aggregation of judgment that has guided our country since its founding, the democratic voice of people, knows better than to trust the future of our children to education policy-wonks pondering how to get more for less in their ivy tower sanctuaries. That is why I will proudly be running for Town Supervisor on the Reform Party line. As a Conservative I believe even more generally that government should not dictate the finest grain of detail how we live our lives-from how much gas per mile our cars are allowed to use, to how many times a person's weight must divide into their height before they are prodded into "weight re-education" and given a prescription of potentially deadly side effect diet pills. Make no mistake, the potentially deadly side-effects of Common Core are there: namely, diversion of focus from teacher –student relationships to standardized testing results, the alienation of parent-voters, and the stifling of excellence in pursuit of a standard, reproducible result. The first step in shutting down government encroachment into the most mundane details of private life is to shut down Common Core.

    Letter to the Editor (re: S.A.F.E. Act)

    On January 15 , 2013 Governor Cuomo signed into law the New York State SA.F.E. act.  Those who have been following the erosion of Second Amendment know that it has little to do with safety but is a significant step toward disarming America. However, the S.A.F.E. act does make it safer for criminals to commit crimes. Since 2013 there have been numerous rallies against it, court cases, law suits, and proposed legislation to repeal the law. Many municipalities at town and county levels have passed resolutions to oppose the S.A.F.E. act thereby sending a message of opposition to Governor Cuomo, our state senators and our assemblymen. In March of 2013 Saugerties' attempt to pass a resolution repealing the SAFE act was hijacked by Democrat backed town councilmen and converted to a resolution which for the most part supported the S.A.F.E. act. Currently in Albany the attempt to repeal the SAFE act is tied up in committee.

    In June 2015 the Ulster County legislature passed a resolution calling for Repeal of the SAFE act. It was the second such resolution as the first was done in March 2013 under the chairmanship of Terry Bernardo.  This past August 19, I requested of the Saugerties Town Board a resolution calling for the repeal of the SAFE act. Others have joined me throughout Saugerties by signing a petition for the same. Do not let your Second Amendment rights be forgotten about or continue to be buried in committee. Please contact the Saugerties Town Board and tell them you want the SAFE Act repealed. 

    Gaetana Ciarlante, 
    Town Supervisor Candidate
    Conservative Party and Reform Party

    Letter to the Editor

    It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over (Yogi Berra)

    Since 2013 I have been the frequent subjects of Klaus’ editorials but yet I have never met this self-proclaimed expert and boastful historian. Until that year I had never heard of him, but since then when I hear his named mentioned it is always with annoyance, like a pesky small fly that flits around enough to make a buzz but doesn’t accomplish much. Unlike other members of the press, Klaus does his mischievous work uninformed and reports rumors as facts which suggests a tone of cowardice. On the occasions when he is in visual range he is hurrying to rub elbows with the power mongers in the room, perhaps in hopes their status might rub off on him. During my 2013 campaign my personal visit to his home received no response.

    Contrary to his claims I did not “lose big” in 2013 when there were only 446 registered Conservative voters in Saugerties and I received 1261 votes. That was 283% more than was expected! Simply arithmetic shows that it was Republicans and some conservative Democrats who crossed over their party lines to vote for me contrary to the confabulation of Klaus. Kelly Myers received 1982 votes but it was only 58 % of her party’s backing (3410 registered Republicans voters.) And even worse was Helsmoortel’s win with 2405 votes with a mere 54% from the 3 parties 4,425 enrollment which endorsed him. Do the math! My win was big time in that I received almost 3 times the amount of the Conservative party’s enrollment.

    By calling Hellsmoortel “the obvious winner” he repeats the theft done by his idol on the Saugerties voters in their obvious attempt at controlling the election. He later repeats his acclamation that there “is not really going to be a supervisor race.” Why does he applaud this assault on democracy when he should be lamenting this occurrence? Though Helsmoortel may have the backing of 3 parties (would have been 4 if he had succeeded in getting Working Families) all things are possible especially with his continued record breaking spending.

    In addition to robo calls, I contacted all GOP Committeemen personally and rank and file Republican voters some via phone, and letters. I contacted former supervisor Kelly Myers and asked for the good of the people of Saugerties that we work together. To date I have received no response from her. Considering that my opposition’s win was the combined work of 3 political machines: Catalinotto, Costello, and Helsmoortel the 19 vote lead that Klaus cites is nothing to brag about.

    As a registered Democrat, Klaus’ reveling about the unraveling of the Republican Party is evident. Perhaps it is even more delightful to him that it is being orchestrated by Mike Catallinotto Sr., the GOP’s former boss, who left his veiled retirement from politics bringing with him 3 family members to the Republican Committee to control and silence the voice of the Republican Party.

    Gaetana Ciarlante, Town Supervisor Candidate
    Conservative Party and Reform Party

    Repeal the SAFE act at the Next Town Board meeting

    In June the Ulster County Legislature passed a resolution supporting repeal of the SAFE act. This past Wednesday on August 12 I asked the Saugerties Town Board to pass the same or similar resolution. Town Board member, Bill Schirmer, town board member, has said that he will move this along but is asking for more support from the gun owners. I am carrying a petition for all to sign and will present it at the next town board meeting on September 2 at 7pm. I ask that you plan to attend the meeting to show support. While this alone will not repeal the SAFE act we need to show the folks in Albany that we have not forgotten.
    Gaetana Ciarlante, Candidate
    Saugerties Town Board Supervisor

    If you would like to help with the petition please call me at 845 246-3390

    The Republican Caucus

    I wish to thank the Saugerties Republicans who voted for me for town supervisor at the Saugerties Republican caucus. The caucus was well run by Tom Turco and his staff from the Board of elections and I had no doubt that all was done fairly. Sadly at the end of the caucus remarks of disappointment could be heard from exiting Republicans stating that there was no longer a Republican party in Saugerties. The comment reflected the fact that only one out of four successful candidates was a Republican. One lady, Elenore, told me I was a winner because I challenged the Saugerties political machine of Helsmoortel, Catalinotto and Costello. Nevertheless Greg Helsmoortel did garner 27 votes more that I had.

    The real losers are the people of Saugerties, who were robbed of their right to elect their representatives and, instead, had the same candidate shoved down their throats from both sides.  There’s something wrong with an “election” that offers but one candidate and the only choice the voter gets is which line to elect him on—it’s just not the American way. 

    Because taxpayers should not be denied that “other” name to choose from, and with the full knowledge that not having one of the major parties backing me will make it difficult to win, I have decided to remain on the ballot on the Conservative line.  Voters need another choice and that other choice will be me. 

    • If you are unhappy with the current administration, vote for me;
    • If you are tired of tax-and-spend politicians, vote for me;
    • If you are tired of secrecy and dishonesty, vote for me;
    • If you don’t like the practice of special interest political party bosses with their own agenda, deciding who you will be permitted to vote for, vote for me;
    • But mainly, If you feel that I will do a better job, then certainly, vote for me.

    Letter of Appreciation

    Dear Saugerties Voters,

    I wish to thank all of the registered Conservative Party voters who came out to support my candidacy for Saugerties Town Supervisor last month. In my nomination speech Mark Knaust referred to me as "instinctively conservative." I thank Mark for sharing that observation with those present. It is a trait of which I am very proud. 

    The practice of conservative principles includes cautious, diligent and painstaking consideration prior to use of any and all resources; from natural resources to spending, especially someone else's hard earned money. When in office I will continue to practice conservative principles, there is no doubt. I am "instinctively conservative."

    Gaetana Ciarlante, LCSW-R Conservative Candidate
    Saugerties Town Supervisor

    and a message to all my Republican friends:

    gaetana_card 2

    Message from Gaetana Ciarlante

    Welcome to the newly refreshed website, Ciarlante for Saugerties, ready for my brand new run for Supervisor of the Town of Saugerties.

    The website is a “work-in-progress.” As the campaign season advances, so will the website, with much being added. There will be additional photo albums, articles, items of interest, and a calendar of events—just to name a few. Instead of having a blog on this website, the blog will continue on Wordpress @

    and it will point to the articles here.

    Your letters, comments and suggestions are welcome and may be posted on the site (unless you ask that we don’t, of course).

    Running for office is a big job with a mere few months in which to accomplish it. We rely on volunteers to help spread the word and encourage anyone with the time and spirit to chip in and help make it happen.